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About the Journal

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About the Journal
Editors-in-Chief from the beginning to present:
  1. Ghorban Nourmohammadi (Prof., Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Itan) (1999-2005)
  2. Yousef Arshi (Assoc. Prof., Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran) (2005-2007)
  3. Mohammadreza Jalal-Kamali (Principal Scientist, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, CIMMYT) (2007-2009)
  4. Masoud Esfahani (Prof., University of Guilan) (2009 to present)
Director-in-Charge from the beginning to present:
  1. Seyed Abolhasan Hashemi Dezfooli (1998-1999)
  2. Islam Majid Heravan (1999- 2001)
  3. Abbas Saeedi (2001-2003)
  4. Behzad Ghareyazie (2003-2005)
  5. Mohammadreza Jalal-Kamali (2005-2007)
  6. Ataallah Siadat (2007-2015)
  7. Behzad Ghareyazie (2016 to present)
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